Publications in 2019

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2019 Effect of rapamycin on bone mass and strength in the alpha 2(I)-G610C mouse model of osteogenesis imperfecta
Bateman, JF Sampurno, L Maurizi, A Lamande, SR Sims, NA Cheng, TL Schindeler, A Little, DG
2019 Quantitative proteomic analyses of dynamic signalling events in cortical neurons undergoing excitotoxic cell death
Hoque, A Williamson, NA Ameen, SS Ciccotosto, GD Hossain, MI Oakhill, JS Ng, DCH Ang, CS Cheng, HC
2019 A Simple Cloning-free Method to Efficiently Induce Gene Expression Using CRISPR/Cas9
Fang, LJ Hung, SSC Yek, J El Wazan, L Nguyen, T Khan, S Lim, SY Hewitt, AW Wong, RCB
2019 Regulation of the Elongation Phase of Protein Synthesis Enhances Translation Accuracy and Modulates Lifespan
Xie, JL Alves, VD von der Haar, T O’Keefe, L Lenchine, RV Jensen, KB Liu, R Coldwell, MJ Wang, XM Proud, CG
2019 Azacitidine with or without lenalidomide in higher risk myelodysplastic syndrome & low blast acute myeloid leukemia
Kenealy, M Hertzberg, M Benson, W Taylor, K Cunningham, I Stevenson, W Hiwase, D Eek, R Zantomio, D Jong, S Wall, M Blombery, P Gerber, T Debrincat, M Zannino, D Seymour, JF
2019 Antiresorptive and anabolic agents in the prevention and reversal of bone fragility
Seeman, E Martin, TJ
2019 CCL27/CCL28-CCR10 Chemokine Signaling Mediates Migration of Lymphatic Endothelial Cells
Karnezis, T Farnsworth, RH Harris, NC Williams, SP Caesar, C Byrne, DJ Herle, P Macheda, ML Shayan, R Zhang, YF Yazar, S Takouridis, SJ Gerard, C Fox, SB Achen, MG Stacker, SA
2019 Import of extracellular ATP in yeast and man modulates AMPK and TORC1 signalling
Forte, GM Davie, E Lie, S Franz-Wachtel, M Ovens, AJ Wang, TT Oakhill, JS Macek, B Hagan, IM Petersen, J
2019 The Interplay Between Lymphatic Vessels and Chemokines
Farnsworth, RH Karnezis, T Maciburko, SJ Mueller, SN Stacker, SA
2019 Human CD8(+) T cell cross-reactivity across influenza A, B and C viruses
Koutsakos, M Illing, PT Nguyen, THO Mifsud, NA Crawford, JC Rizzetto, S Eltahla, AA Clemens, EB Sant, S Chua, BY Wong, CY Allen, EK Teng, D Dash, P Boyd, DF Grzelak, L Zeng, WG Hurt, AC Barr, I Rockman, S Jackson, DC Kotsimbos, TC Cheng, AC Richards, M Westall, GP Loudovaris, T Mannering, SI Elliott, M Tangye, SG Wakim, LM Rossjohn, J Vijaykrishna, D Luciani, F Thomas, PG Gras, S Purcell, AW Kedzierska, K