Publications in 2022

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2022 Modeling temporal and hormonal regulation of plant transcriptional response to wounding
Moore, BM Lee, YS Wang, PP Azodi, C Grotewold, E Shiu, SH
2022 Biomechanical comparison of intramedullary screw fixation, dorsal plating and K-wire fixation for stable metacarpal shaft fractures
Galbraith, JG Huntington, LS Borbas, P Ackland, DC Tham, SK Ek, ET
2022 DROSHA but not DICER is required for human haematopoietic stem cell function
Gu, KR Walpole, C Gooneratne, S Liu, X Haigh, OL Radford, KJ Chong, MM
2022 STAT3 Hyperactivation Due to SOCS3 Deletion in Murine Osteocytes Accentuates Responses to Exercise- and Load-Induced Bone Formation
McGregor, NE Walker, EC Chan, ASM Poulton, IJ Cho, EHJ Windahl, SH Sims, NA
2022 Inhibition of the antigen-presenting ability of dendritic cells by non-structural protein 2 of influenza A virus
Lin, JA Cao, YA Zuo, JJ Zhang, S Yu, QH Yang, Q Shaha, AU Chong, MMW
2022 Disrupting AMPK-Glycogen Binding in Mice Increases Carbohydrate Utilization and Reduces Exercise Capacity
Janzen, NR Whitfield, J Murray-Segal, L Kemp, BE Hawley, JA Hoffman, NJ
2022 Expression of the miR-17 similar to 92a cluster of microRNAs by regulatory T cells controls blood glucose homeostasis
Zhang, YN Skinner, JP Chong, MMW
2022 PTH1R Actions on Bone Using the cAMP/Protein Kinase A Pathway
Martin, TJ
2022 Patience is a virtue
Walkley, CR