Publications in 2020

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2020 Age-related longitudinal change in cardiac structure and function in adults at increased cardiovascular risk
Gong, FF Coller, JM McGrady, M Boffa, U Shiel, L Liew, D Stewart, S Owen, AJ Krum, H Reid, CM Prior, DL Campbell, DJ
2020 Functional analysis of an R311C variant of Ca2+-calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase-2 (CaMKK2) found as a de novo mutation in a patient with bipolar disorder
Ling, NXY Langendorf, CG Hoque, A Galic, S Loh, K Kemp, BE Gundlach, AL Oakhill, JS Scott, JW
2020 The myokine meteorin-like (metrnl) improves glucose tolerance in both skeletal muscle cells and mice by targeting AMPK alpha 2
Lee, JO Byun, WS Kang, MJ Han, JA Moon, J Shin, MJ Lee, HJ Chung, JH Lee, JS Son, CG Song, KH Kim, TW Lee, ES Kim, HM Chung, CH Ngoei, KRW Ling, NXY Oakhill, JS Galic, S Murray-Segal, L Kemp, BE Kim, KM Lim, S Kim, HS
2020 E2f8 and Dlg2 genes have independent effects on impaired insulin secretion associated with hyperglycaemia
Yang, CH Mangiafico, SP Waibel, M Loudovaris, T Loh, K Thomas, HE Morahan, G Andrikopoulos, S
2020 Association of clinical severity with FANCB variant type in Fanconi anemia
Jung, MJ Ramanagoudr-Bhojappa, R van Twest, S Rosti, RO Murphy, V Tan, W Donovan, FX Lach, FP Kimble, DC Jiang, CS Vaughan, R Mehta, PA Pierri, F Dufour, C Auerbach, AD Deans, AJ Smogorzewska, A Chandrasekharappa, SC
2020 Identifying Therapies to Combat Epithelial Mesenchymal Plasticity-Associated Chemoresistance to Conventional Breast Cancer Therapies Using An shRNA Library Screen
Bhatia, S Blick, T Pinto, C Waltham, M Monkman, J Ivanova, E Pollock, PM Nagaraj, SH Wiegmans, AP Haviv, I Simpson, KJ Thompson, EW
2020 Dynamic regulation of Z-DNA in the mouse prefrontal cortex by the RNA-editing enzyme Adar1 is required for fear extinction
Marshall, PR Zhao, QY Li, X Wei, W Periyakaruppiah, A Zajaczkowski, EL Leighton, LJ Madugalle, SU Basic, D Wang, ZQ Yin, JY Liau, WS Gupte, A Walkley, CR Bredy, TW
2020 Amorphous SiO2 nanoparticles promote cardiac dysfunction via the opening of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore in rat heart and human cardiomyocytes
Lozano, O Silva-Platas, C Chapoy-Villanueva, H Perez, BE Lees, JG Ramachandra, CJA Contreras-Torres, FF Lazaro-Alfaro, A Luna-Figueroa, E Bernal-Ramirez, J Gordillo-Galeano, A Benitez, A Oropeza-Almazan, Y Castillo, EC Koh, PL Hausenloy, DJ Lim, SY Garcia-Rivas, G
2020 Discovery of Acylsulfonohydrazide-Derived Inhibitors of the Lysine Acetyltransferase, KAT6A, as Potent Senescence-Inducing Anti-Cancer Agents
Priebbenow, DL Leaver, DJ Nguyen, N Cleary, B Lagiakos, HR Sanchez, J Xue, L Huang, F Sun, YX Mujumdar, P Mudududdla, R Varghese, S Teguh, S Charman, SA White, KL Shackleford, DM Katneni, K Cuellar, M Strasser, JM Dahlin, JL Walters, MA Street, IP Monahan, BJ Jarman, KE Sabroux, HJ Falk, H Chung, MC Hermans, SJ Downer, NL Parker, MW Voss, AK Thomas, T Baell, JB
2020 Methodology for the identification of small molecule inhibitors of the Fanconi Anaemia ubiquitin E3 ligase complex
Sharp, MF Murphy, VJ Tan, W Lui, J Simpson, KJ Deans, AJ Crismani, W
2020 Don’t Forget Your Sister: Directing Double-Strand Break Repair at Meiosis
Crismani, W Mercier, R
2020 CX-5461 activates the DNA damage response and demonstrates therapeutic efficacy in high-grade serous ovarian cancer
Sanij, E Hannan, KM Xuan, JC Yan, SF Ahern, JE Trigos, AS Brajanovski, N Son, J Chan, KT Kondrashova, O Lieschke, E Wakefield, MJ Frank, D Ellis, S Cullinane, C Kang, J Poortinga, G Nag, P Deans, AJ Khanna, KK Mileshkin, L McArthur, GA Soong, J Berns, EMJJ Hannan, RD Scott, CL Sheppard, KE Pearson, RB
2020 Cortical bone maturation in mice requires SOCS3 suppression of gp130/STAT3 signalling in osteocytes
Walker, EC Truong, K McGregor, NE Poulton, IJ Isojima, T Gooi, JH Martin, TJ Sims, NA
2020 Opening the Black Box: Interpretable Machine Learning for Geneticists
Azodi, CB Tang, JL Shiu, SH
2020 Sequence comparisons of cytochrome P450 aromatases from Australian animals predict differences in enzymatic activity and/or efficiency
Fatima, A Holien, JK Tiwari, C Parker, MW Rodgers, RJ Martin, LL