Publications in 2020

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2020 South Australian experience with pediatric total pancreatectomy and islet autotransplantation for PRSS1-associated hereditary pancreatitis
Mccole, J Couper, M Moore, D Khurana, S Chen, J Drogemuller, C Radford, T Couper, J Wilks, M Kay, T Loudovaris, T Coates, PT Couper, R
2020 Interaction between osteocyte SOCS3-dependent signaling and the bone marrow microenvironment maintains cortical bone integrity
Isojima, T Walker, EC Crimeen-Irwin, B Poulton, IJ McGregor, NE Gooi, JH Martin, TJ Sims, NA
2020 A structural view of PA2G4 isoforms with opposing functions in cancer
Stevenson, BW Gorman, MA Koach, J Cheung, BB Marshall, GM Parker, MW Holien, JK
2020 CaMKK2 is inactivated by cAMP-PKA signaling and 14-3-3 adaptor proteins
Langendorf, CG O’Brien, MT Ngoei, KRW McAloon, LM Dhagat, U Hoque, A Ling, NXY Dite, TA Galic, S Loh, K Parker, MW Oakhill, JS Kemp, BE Scott, JW
2020 Foam Cell Induction Activates AMPK But Uncouples Its Regulation of Autophagy and Lysosomal Homeostasis
LeBlond, ND Nunes, JRC Smith, TKT D’Dwyer, C Robichaud, S Gadde, S Cote, M Kemp, BE Ouimet, M Fullerton, MD
2020 Asymmetric midshaft femur remodeling in an adult male with left sided hip joint ankylosis, Metal Period Nagsabaran, Philippines
Miszkiewicz, JJ Rider, C Kealy, S Vrahnas, C Sims, NA Vongsvivut, J Tobin, MJ Bolunia, MJLA De Leon, AS Penalosa, AL Pagulayan, PS Soriano, AV Page, R Oxenham, MF
2020 Integrin alpha-2 and beta-1 expression increases through multiple generations of the EDW01 patient-derived xenograft model of breast cancer-insight into their role in epithelial mesenchymal transition
Wafai, R Williams, ED de Souza, E Simpson, PT Reed, AEM Kutasovic, JR Waltham, M Snell, CE Blick, T Thompson, EW Hugo, HJ
2020 The JAK1 Selective Inhibitor ABT 317 Blocks Signaling Through Interferon-gamma and Common gamma Chain Cytokine Receptors to Reverse Autoimmune Diabetes in NOD Mice
Ge, TT Jhala, G Fynch, S Akazawa, S Litwak, S Pappas, EG Catterall, T Vakil, I Long, AJ Olson, LM Krishnamurthy, B Kay, TW Thomas, HE
2020 Formaldehyde Causes Bone Marrow Failure Linked to Transcriptional Reprogramming or Metabolic Deficiency
Tan, W Deans, AJ